Maltese Mystic Yogi is here to guide you toward a meaningful, peaceful and balanced existence. The past can't be changed, though together we can better understand and resolve the challenges of the present and build the future envisioned from within your heart space.

Maldives Holistic Full Moon Yoga Retreat 2019

Holistic Healing & Full Moon Yoga Retreat in Maldives

There are some who live day to day concerned about not having enough of whatever the feel is necessary regarding their happiness and security.

Their bodies most likely echo those feelings by sending messages of discomfort in the form of anxiety, worry or stress.

This however doesnt have to be, instead if we learn to trust the intelligence of the universe and practice living carefree, we can live fearlessly without worry and focus on lack. We can expect only the best and live our lives from a place of true joy.

Restore peace & calm in a regenerative & exotic environment, set to enable you to disconnect from the pressures of daily life & work, to reconnect with yourself and bring your frequencies to resonate with enhanced physical strength & mental stamina and increased vitality & innovative creativity by immersing yourself into different blissful mediums mainly Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Aromatherapy & Moonology thus cultivating a sense of reconnection and renewal by releasing the past in a practical & hands-on manner.

For a full overview of the retreat click the link below, connect with me and let me know how i can help support your healing journey.


love & light


Balance is the key

The Chakra Balancing workshop on the 6th April will insight you how to cultivate abundance through regenerative meditation practices that will lead to the detoxification of the physical, mental and emotional body complemented by the inclusion of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. While cultivating a balanced relationship within ourselves and for our needs, giving of what we can, when we can, through what we have available to us, accepting and witnessing circumstances without judgememt.

Energy & providence exchange : 50 Eur/ person

Limited spaces Please BOOK IN ADVANCE!
Healthy snacks, drinks & tea provided
Mats & props provided
Comfortable clothing suggested
A manuel & chakra balancing kit will be given to all participants

Call or text me on +35699491380
Email queries maltesemysticyogi@gmail.com

Love & Light

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Do you need a reason to do some yoga?

Here are some of the benefits

Helps quiet the mind in preparation for meditation

it can help reduce blood pressure

It can reduce stress.

Relieves anxiety

Can reduce inflammation

Improves heart health

Improves quality of life

Helps fight depression

Could reduce chronic pain

Can improve sleep quality

Improves flexibility and balance

Improves breathing

Can relieve migraines

Promotes healthy eating habits

it gives you time for yourself - what I call my Happy Hour

How many more reasons do you need??

Call or text me on +35699491380
Email queries maltesemysticyogi@gmail.com

Love& Light

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